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Running a train conglomerate is a rare and valuable skill. Do you have it?
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August 7, 2023
Looks good and is very realistic. I really recommend it to anyone who's into management games!

A Train Manager Game Online

Are you the next big train tycoon? Prove yourself in one of the best free train manager games in the world, and beat your friends and other real life managers to top the train games leaderboards by controlling the most railway routes.

Create and manage your own train tycoon strategy

In this multiplayer train simulation game you can become as big as real rail companies like Deutsche Bahn, SNCF, BNSF, CSX, Union Pacific, Japan Railway Company or CNRC and claim monopoly. Create, schedule and explore international routes between train stations like Shinjuku, Hamburg, London Waterloo, Grand Central Terminal, Paris Gare Du Nord, Taipei, Roma Termini or Penn Station. Track your trains live when they drive from town to city or when they are staying idle at stations.

You can play on two difficulties: either EASY or REALISM. Go the easy way to lower prices and increase profits or challenge yourself with realism where you have to be the manager of the smallest things like the fuel prices and taxes.

Not only is it more convenient and easy to travel the railroads, but it’s also better for the environment compared to a car, ship or plane. Be a green manager and help bring more focus on transport of passengers and cargo by train.

From steam engines to running on diesel to high-speed electric bullet trains - you are able to shape the future and set yourself up for success if you deploy the right tactics.

Features include

  • πŸš‚ Track your routes LIVE
  • πŸš‚ Manage your staff
  • πŸš‚ Invest in rival rail companies
  • πŸš‚ Put your company on the stock market
  • πŸš‚ Create or join alliances with influential managers or friends
  • πŸš‚ All the most known real life locomotive types
  • πŸš‚ Buy and sell used cars and caravans
  • πŸš‚ Customize and upgrade your trains
  • πŸš‚ And much more!

Become the CEO of a vast network of railway routes and trains and strive to take over the world and realize your dreams of a monopoly.

Choo choo - all aboard the train simulator!

This game is 100% ad free. Note: An online internet-connection is required to play this game.

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